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The Bund

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The latest landmark at Manchester’s Media City, features a striking zinc roof delivered to the highest levels of workmanship, earning Longworth the UK Roofing Awards 2018 Industry Choice Award.

the bund

Longworth partnered with SIG Zinc & Copper to install the stunning elZinc Rainbow Gold Protect cladding for a new bar-restaurant in the heart of Salford Quays. Designed, by Reid Architects, the complex angles of this zinc roof covering, is the standout feature of this building, which is already becoming a local landmark.

the bund roof complexity


Longworth’s design was incredibly complex and required close cooperation with Reid Architects using the latest 3D modelling software to design and construct the angular polyhedron shape of the building. Constructing from just primary steelwork outwards, a bespoke designed secondary-steel frame was required to achieve the many acute angles.

The roof design has multiple falls that meet at low pitch, too shallow to form an effective valley gutter, meaning that water would be trapped behind the standing seams. Longworth, therefore created a set of falls to meet the design, while allowing water to evacuate quickly. This included creating slopes that pitched in two directions, which they tested with coloured water.

the bund roof workmanship


The building is clad in elZinc Rainbow Gold Protect over a thick Admaster composite panel deck, which Longworth designed to provide both insulation and acoustic attenuation, critical for a bar-restaurant located in a residential area. Zinc in the roof areas is 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm on the walls. The standing seams are at 430mm centres to reduce waste from a 1m wide roll of the product. Reid Architects originally specified KME Tecu Gold as the cladding, a copper alloy also supplied by SIG Zinc and Copper. However, the design team chose elZinc Rainbow Gold Protect because of its properties that remain stable and do not weather as heavily as the alternatives, which is a critical factor on this exposed site in an area of heavy rainfall. Longworth used a team of installers from Glasgow to work on the project from the mock-up of key junctions and seams, to completion. This close-knit team had a consistent working style that is reflected in the high-level of workmanship and detailing across the roofs and walls.


Battling the winter winds on the exposed docks, Longworth developed a unique installation system, utilising specialist mechanical handling and access equipment, which involved working from a pontoon scaffold over the quay to form the structure, which used 12 m long, 500 kg composite sheets.

the bund aerial view of roof

What Longworth says:

With its sharp lines, defined angles, plus perfect alignment that is visible 360˚ from both the ground and the air. The Bund represents the true spirit of ancient alchemy, forging the best craftsmanship.

About Longworth

Longworth is one of the UK’s leading envelope contractors, offering a complete turnkey service of design, installation and project management. Over the years, we’ve become renowned for being an industry innovator. Building on our established reputation for being master craftsmen in the use of traditional metal products such as zinc, copper and stainless steel, since 1999 we have extended our skills and expertise to cover the whole of the external building envelope. And all to the highest of specifications.

At a glance

  • Project: The Bund
  • UK Roofing Awards 2018: Industry Choice Award
  • Client: Living Ventures
  • Location: Media City, Manchester
  • Roof covering: Zinc
  • Architect: Reid Architects
  • Roofing Contractor: Longworth
  • Product Supplier: SIG Zinc and Copper
  • Products: elZinc, Rainbow Gold; Protect and Admaster composite panel

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