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Ground-breaking GRP valley trough is launched

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FILON PRODUCTS LTD, the innovative GRP construction products manufacturer, is extremely pleased to announce the arrival of the Heritage Valley Trough. This ground-breaking, patent-pending GRP valley trough provides a simple and extremely cost-effective method of creating a close mitred valley in slate roofs and plain tiled roofs.

All natural and man-made slate and clay or concrete plain tile roofs can now benefit from the improved aesthetic of a closemitred valley without the normal high costs associated with it.

Filon GRP Heritage Valley Trough on test rig
Slate test rig showing Filon GRP heritage valley trough

The Heritage Valley is a hidden valley trough positioned completely beneath the roof slates/tiles and needs no lead soakers between courses. As the distance to span between supports is very short but maintains a wide drainage channel by the use of its super-S design, the quantity of slate/tile and a half going into the valley is significantly reduced. This offers a great material cost saving.

Filon GDFHVT1 Heritage Valley product shot
Filon GDFHVT1 Heritage Valley

This incredible, pioneering valley trough has been put through its paces with a BRE Wind Driven Rain test and outperformed the slates and tiles at every point of the test programme. Therefore its performance is assured and provides the heritage aesthetic of a traditional close-mitred valley without any of the expensive materials and labour time normally needed.

Filon has provided the means of producing a beautiful valley for less cost than a normal dry fix or open valley trough.

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