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Government must learn lessons from failed Green Homes Grant Scheme says NFRC

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Commenting on the announcement that the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme (GHGVS) will come to an end on Wednesday 31st March and will no longer be extended, NFRC CEO James Talman said:

“Sadly, the news that the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme is not being continued, whilst disappointing, does not come as a surprise. Despite warnings from industry, the Scheme did not work for the businesses that were expected to deliver it. The system was far too bureaucratic, costly, and time-consuming and, as such, was out of reach for the vast majority of roofing contractors. This meant that instead of it boosting order books, it actually led to some roofers losing work, and for others delaying projects.

“However, a long-term retrofit plan is still needed for the millions of homes in the UK that need upgrading to meet the UK’s net-zero targets, and the government must now provide this to give businesses and homeowners certainty. The roofing industry will be critical to this strategy, with a quarter of all heat loss from a home being through the roof. The government must learn lessons from the failed Green Homes Grant Scheme and fully consult with industry to find a scheme that works for all.”

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