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Factory-graded quality roofing battens you can trust

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MERCURY BUILDING PRODUCTS are launching Roofers Choice Orange factory-graded Roofing Battens that conform to all aspects of BS 5534:2014–A2:2018 and HSG33.

Roofers Choice Orange Quality Roofing Battens are produced in Latvia from high-grade Whitewood WPCA (80 per cent) and Redwood PNSY (20 per cent) logs that are sourced from either PEFC or FSC chain of custody certified resources.

They are factory graded by experienced staff who visually grade the batten twice for size (thickness -0 mm +3 mm and width +/-3 mm) and size of knot. Third-party accreditation by CATG ensures that the battens meet all requirements of BS 5534:2014–A2:2018.

Roofers Choice Orange Quality Roofing Battens are kiln-dried to ensure an average 20 per cent moisture content and partially stored under cover to ensure longevity in both quality and colour. Produced full to size, each batten is individually marked showing details of supplier, origin, size, BS 5534, species code and name of company giving third-party accreditation.

The distinctive orange colour is achieved using a vacuum and high pressure (12 bar) treatment that achieves the requirements of usage class 2 (BS 8417:2011+A1:2014). This ensures the battens have a minimum life expectancy of 60 years when installed above ground level in buildings. This treatment process also has accreditation by the CATG.

Roofers Choice Orange Quality Battens meet the guidance set out in the NFRC TB33 ‘Graded Battens for Slating and Tiling’ which states that only battens that have been pre- or factory-graded to BS 5534 can be called or used as roofing battens.

For further information please call Mercury Building Products’ Technical and Sales Support on 01246 292816 or email

Mercury Building Products factory-graded roofing battens

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