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Enhanced component for single-ply and cold-applied liquid flat roofing systems

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Bauder air and vapour control layer

BAUDER is introducing BauderTEC DBR 06 for use as an Air and Vapour Control Layer (AVCL) in single-ply systems, and as an AVCL and carrier membrane in cold applied liquid applications.

BauderTEC DBR 06 is a 0.6 mm thick, technically-advanced self-adhesive elastomeric reinforced bitumen air and vapour control layer, featuring an aluminium foil facing for vapour impermeability.

In both single ply and cold applied liquid applications, BauderTEC DBR 06 can be used over certain new and existing roof systems and new deck substrates, including profiled metal, plywood and OSB. It is not intended for direct application to concrete decks nor as temporary waterproofing. A range of primers available from Bauder can also be applied with this product.

When installed within a single-ply system, the 50 per cent increase in thickness of BauderTEC DBR 06 over BauderTEC DBR makes this product more robust and allows for use within a fully-adhered assembly. This product also benefits from a shorter roll length and reduced roll weight, assisting ease of installation.

When used in cold applied liquid systems, BauderTEC DBR 06 can be used as the AVCL and as the carrier membrane over the insulation. At less than half the thickness of KSD DUO, it is a more flexible membrane and reduces the overall thickness at the laps.

This allows the insulation to sit flatter and leads to easier installation of the cold applied liquid waterproofing system, and contributes to an improved aesthetic finish.

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