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EJOT Develops New Faster Seal Test Solution For 13.5 Sinusoidal Sheets

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EJOT UK has extended the capabilities of its VACUtest seal testing kit to provide installers with an easy way to maintain the highest quality standards when using self-drilling screws with the ever-popular 13.5-3 sinusoidal panel.

Image shows the EJOT suction cup in use

The development of a new suction cup for this type of panel represents the latest stage in EJOT’s ongoing programme to support the industry through fastener best practice guidance and a range of practical tools and accessories. 

Through its innovative design, the new VACUtest suction cup allows installers to easily perform seal testing on the fastener heads attaching sinusoidal panels, both for normal through the valley applications and for crown fastenings when used as a secondary fixing. 

Using the gauge on the pump, installers can easily check if the washer compression of the self-drilling screw is sufficiently airtight and take corrective action if needed.

This latest suction cup adds extra functionality to VACUtester, which already enables easy testing of fastener seals on flat surface roofing and cladding sheets through its existing cup options. These can test screws that fit within a 24 mm or 34 mm internal diameter, with a third larger cup option for special applications offering an internal diameter of 54 mm.

To find out more call EJOT UK on 07983 773375 or email

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