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Dupont™ Tyvek® underlay protects Nottingham housing regeneration project

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Dupont Tyvek underlay

With this project, we retain the existing building, and therefore its embodied energy. We encapsulate it to provide minimal air leakage, typically < 1 m3/hr/m2. This is an improvement of greater than 90 per cent over the building regulations and can be applied to almost any existing structure, whatever it type, across the whole of the UK.

This statement from Paul Clark, Design Manager at Melius Homes, provides an insight into the company’s philosophy. Rather than demolish structurally-sound houses, Melius Homes re-skin the walls and roof with modern materials that provide massively-enhanced performance.

And in order to be suitable for use in any location, the DuPont™ Tyvek® and Airguard® range of construction membranes and accessories are used.

On the roof panels, DuPont™ Tyvek® Supro underlay is used. Unrestricted when tested to BS5534 +A2 2018, Tyvek® Supro can be used in any location in the UK, regardless of site location, height above sea level, proximity to water, site topography and ceiling condition.

Adding to the convenience is the roll size—being 3.0 x 50 m means minimising overlaps which increase the speed of installation in the factory.

The Melius Homes’ approach, and the Tyvek® materials that are used, ensure the best performance possible and utilise the best of both worlds—retained masonry construction for thermal mass and timber panels for maximum thermal performance and airtightness.

This is vital because airtightness ensures that the system performs ‘as designed’, with virtually no performance gap, and keeps heating bills very low.

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