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Delivering solutions to supply chain challenges at Soprema

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More than two years after the first COVID-19 lockdown, the construction sector is still feeling the impact, when sites closed and building products production was paused.

When everything started back up the spike in demand, coupled with the hiatus in production, meant that stocks were never replenished by many manufacturers—and they are still playing catch-up, with raw material processing also struggling to catch up with demand, and logistics issues adding to the problem.

Now, with war in Ukraine exacerbating the problems, the impact on availability and prices is escalating.

Across the supply chain, it is clear that price rises have been substantial. And with continuing issues around reliability of supply and price inflation for raw materials, along with rising energy costs, it seems unlikely that there will be much respite.

At Soprema UK, there are several ways in which we’ve been able to help customers respond effectively to supply chain and cost issues.

As a global company, we have the buying power and manufacturing capacity to keep material costs lower, secure supplies and keep production at pre-pandemic levels, meaning excellent availability across the range.

Our focus on building envelope solutions means that we can offer multiple technologies and our technical expertise enables us to provide valuable advice to both specifiers and contractors on the most cost-effective solution for the project.

We are also working with customers to help them counter cost uncertainty by enabling them to fix a purchase price at the beginning of their project and pay for local storage, giving them peace of mind on availability.

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