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Cromar Develops Another Alternative To Lead

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Since CROMAR launched Leadax in 2018, the product has grown to be one of the most popular lead alternatives on the market. With numerous benefits over lead, and other lead replacements, it is the obvious choice.

Leadax Original is the first lead substitute in the world that looks like lead, dresses like lead and is as malleable and pliable as lead. And now Cromar has developed another lead-free alternative to lend itself to an ever-evolving market. Instead of Lead is a PVB-based product which is not only sustainable, but also recyclable—PVB is the plastic foil in safety glass which could not be reused, until now. 

Having the same unique properties as lead and zinc, without having to compromise on quality, flexibility or price, Instead of Lead offers a more lightweight and extremely strong product— plus it is equivalent to Code 4 lead. Instead of Lead now increases Cromar’s portfolio of lead-free products to three, offering customers the confidence in choice and quality.

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