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Axter Gets First CCPI Verification for Hot Melt System Wilotekt Plus

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Wilotekt-Plus, manufactured by AXTER LTD, has received the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI)* verification, the first second generation hot melt structural waterproofing system to be verified.

As the construction industry adapts to a new and improved building safety regime set out in the Building Safety Act, the CCPI is playing a pivotal role in driving change and setting the highest standards in how product information is managed and communicated. Axter is proud to be working proactively with the CCPI to verify that its Wilotekt-Plus product information is clear, accurate, accessible, up-to-date and unambiguous.

Wilotekt-Plus is a hot melt waterproofing application featuring a polymer-modified bitumen compound, reinforcement mesh, and high-strength protection membrane for a durable, seamless, and self-healing waterproofed roof. The CCPI verification applies to the whole product set including Wilotekt Surface Conditioning Primer, Wilotekt Reinforcement Mesh, Wilotekt Compound and Wilotekt Protection Membrane.

Phillip Wilcox-Moore, Axter MD, comments:

"We’re delighted that Wilotekt-Plus has become one of the first hot melt systems on the UK market to carry the CCPI mark.

"This is a significant milestone for the Axter team, representing our dedication to leading the industry towards greater transparency and responsibility in product information. This achievement stresses our commitment to transparency and innovation, setting a new benchmark in the construction sector.”

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