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AMPTEAM at the Royal Albert Hall

2 mins

Over 400 metres of the Unifold® Gutter lining system was installed on London’s iconic venue, The Royal Albert Hall, throughout the summer of 2023.

The Unifold® Gutter Lining System was chosen for its versatility, unfailing ability to replicate existing systems, and its long life.

Following a survey by AMPTEAM personnel, along with Saper Glass Industries Limited, a design solution was provided for the gutters and samples were sent to test fit the Unifold® gutter lining within the gutter cavity, as the throat dimension varied considerably across the profiles.

All runs of the gutter were manufactured to suit the curved nature of the dome which roofs the Hall, and to fit within the minimal throat dimension between the glazing and glazing bars, meaning that bespoke faceted and cranked joint plates were provided so that the new Unifold® lining could follow the profile of the existing gutter.

Full site information was provided including laying sequences, special details and instructions with each delivery of the system.

Ampteam were partnered by Approved Installer, Saper Glass Industries Limited and Faithorn Farrell Timms as contract administrator, and their input and expertise, along with comprehensive discussions throughout, enabled a successful installation of the Unifold® system.

Following installation of the Unifold® every Unifold® gutter run was water tested by flooding the gutter from the top of the run(s) via hose, with additional assistance from the poor weather, and no leaks were detected in any of the installed gutter runs.

Image taken from steps looking up to sun shining on the roof of the Royal Albert Hall building in London.

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