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Almost invisible solar modules on Greencoat

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Greencoat standing seam roof solar panels
This project, installed by SRS Building & Maintenance, combines Snaplock standing seam in GreenCoat PLX Pro in Mountain Grey at 400 mm seam centres, with Flextron Solar PV attached. GreenLine Rainwater System is in use.

With steep increases in energy costs and a need to resource green energy, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is fast becoming the preferred approach with integration of solar PV into the building envelope.

BIPVco, based in Newport, South Wales, understands the challenges from every angle: architectural, construction build and aesthetic appeal.

In conjunction with Metal Solutions Ltd, the Flextron Module has already been tested and approved when bonded to GreenCoat PLX Pro.

GreenCoat® is the brand of SSAB, with GreenCoat PLX being a flagship foldable steel suitable for intricate standing seam roofs. The modules are bonded directly to the metal surface, thereby avoiding the need to anchor on to the standing seam, with brackets and rail supporting heavier glass Crystalline PV panels.

Reducing the weight and subsequent wind load and avoiding the raised panels also remove the risk of debris build-up and vermin.

The Snaplock roof sheets pictured here were marginally narrowed to allow additional modules. The unobtrusive, almost invisible modules do not detract from the contemporary standing seam roof.

The flexible nature of Flextron, together with its other attributes of Teflon such as coated self-cleaning top sheet, superior thermal degradation and light weight, make it truly a universal product with multiple applications for flat roof slopes or even barrel vault construction.

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GreenCoat flexible solar panel

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