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ACO’s blue/green roof design—creating sustainable urban environments

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ACO green roof design

ACO is presenting an online continuing professional development (CPD) webinar on its new RoofBloxx rainwater attenuation system.

Designed specifically as a roof drainage layer for use on blue, green and blue/green roof applications to store rainwater at source and to control surface water run-off, ACO’s patent-pending solution separates the competing drainage requirements by engineering an elevated structural attenuation system that operates independently of the flat roof drainage system, allowing both storm eventualities and systems to be engineered to known standards and best practice.

With the drive to mitigate the effects of climate change and deliver net-zero emissions, cities around the world are writing into their development plans the need for more sustainable construction methods.

This presentation will explain the role of blue/green roofs in the creation of sustainable urban environments and will cover key design considerations.

Tailored specifically for roofing contractors, architects, civil and building engineers, it will explain the pros and cons of different roof types and provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of key drainage design considerations.

Delivered by ACO’s in-house blue/green roof design expert—Neill Robinson-Welsh—the session will also cover the ‘design dilemma’ of how to design a blue/green roof that can meet the flat roof design standards under BS EN 12056-3:2000, while meeting planning conditions without compromising either requirement.

The event, which took place on Thursday 23 September counts as one hour of CPD.

Learn more about the ACO system at

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