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A new wall membrane composite improves airtightness levels whilst at the same time addresses the need to reduce thermal bridging.

Wraptherm wall membrane composite
The A. Proctor Group has launched a new wall membrane composite, which will improve airtightness levels whilst at the same time addresses the need to reduce thermal bridging, particularly in refurbishment projects. Wraptherm is a high-performance self-adhesive membrane composite specifically developed to be applied during the refurbishment of existing buildings, and specifically where there is a requirement to enhance the thermal and airtightness performance of the building. Wraptherm consists of a 10mm Spacetherm insulation blanket bonded to the face of Wraptite, the industry recognised vapour permeable, self-adhesive airtight membrane. Designed to be applied to the internal face of the existingfa├žade, Wraptherm provides a vapour permeable yet airtight layer, fully self-adhered to the substrate beneath with the added benefit of a 10 mm thick layer of high-performance Spacetherm insulation blanket. Over this airtight/thermal composite framing can then be installed. The installation of Wraptherm therefore provides the added benefit of reducing the thermal bridging through the framing by the use of the continuous layer of insulation.Where required, additional thermal insulation can be included within the frame to meet the specific U-value requirements of the project. The offset nature of the Wraptite component allows for a completely robust sealing of all of the joints within the panel thereby ensuring the continuity, integrity and robustness of the airtight layer.

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