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Workloads for contractors still on the rise, despite challenges

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NFRC’s State of the Roofing Industry survey for Q2 of 2022 revealed that workloads continued to grow overall for roofing and cladding contractors, though firms had concerns about the impact of inflation on their business.

43 per cent of firms saw a rise in workload on the previous quarter, and only ten per cent reported a decline. This is similar to Q1’s figures (47 per cent reported growth in workloads in Q1, eleven per cent reported decline), indicating that for now, an upward trajectory—seen consistently since this survey began in late 2020—has continued.

Enquiry growth was more modest, with a balance of two per cent of firms reporting increases, and 71 per cent of firms reported that they had concerns about their business viability linked to present inflationary pressures. This varied significantly on the sector level—while enquiries increased significantly in commercial work (36 per cent) and public non-residential RM&I (35 per cent), firms in the domestic RM&I sector were more likely to report a decline in orders.

Firms are still growing, however, with a balance of 17 per cent reporting that they had increased their direct employment since the first quarter of 2022. The use of sub-contracted labour also increased. Labour costs rose for a balance of 55 per cent of fi rms in the quarter, adding to existing cost pressures: 89 per cent of contractors paid more for materials in Q2.

See the full State of the Roofing Industry survey report for Q2 of 2022.

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