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Wienerberger UK and Ireland announces significant investment to accelerate sustainable growth strategy

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WIENERBERGER has announced a significant investment in the construction of a brand-new concrete roof tile manufacturing facility in Kent, south east England, along with the significant energy transformation of its Broomfleet factory near Hull in the north east.

The new, state-of-the-art concrete roof tile production facility will be sited next to its Smeed Dean brick factory.

Wienerberger investment in Kent

The business will simultaneously complete the ambitious renovation of two of its Broomfleet factory lines, making it Europe’s first ever clay roof tile plant to completely eliminate the use of natural gas and the associated CO2 emissions from the drying and firing process, reducing the carbon emissions of these lines by 75 per cent.

The new concrete tile-making facility will significantly increase the company’s production capacity, with new and existing tile formats, providing additional capacity with lower CO2 emissions per m2 of installed roof.

The transformational investment at its Broomfleet clay roof tile manufacturing site near Hull is driven by the desire to reduce resource consumption and CO2 output.

Wienerberger has chosen the UK for the first commercial-scale implementation of electric kilns using 100 per cent renewable energy within the clay roof tile manufacturing sector.

For more information please visit or call 01427 318077.

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