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Topseal systems

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Topseal systems at Nottingham City University

Topseal Systems are very proud to have Topseal PU specified for the roofing works on Nottingham City Hospital, one of England’s largest acute teaching trusts. Seven areas covering a total of over 8,000 m² required urgent attention, with each roof throwing up its own unique challenges. Topseal Systems along with several Topseal Approved Contractors were able to complete these works efficiently and to an extremely high standard.

The Pharmacy Department, at only 500 m² was not only the smallest of the roofs on the project, but it was also the most demanding due to the number of issues present. The scope of works included cleaning all flat roof areas and removing organic growth which had grown in cracks of the substrate, removing all pitched roofing and replacing with new, removing chimneys and dangerous brickwork, replacing rotten roof lanterns and installing new rainwater goods. The Topseal PU warm roof system was installed throughout, complete with a 20-year materials and workmanship guarantee.

Topseal technical department produced full specifications along with attending prestart meetings, intermittent inspections throughout the project and a final inspection to ensure all works were carried out to the expected high standards and to specification.

Topseal PU is a BBA-certified, highperformance, moisture-cured, single component, reinforced polyurethane, for use on new and existing flat roofs that can be installed onto various substrates including but not limited to the following: felt, concrete, asphalt, EPDM, single ply, metals and OSB3.

For more information about our systems or becoming a Topseal Approved Installer, contact Topseal on 01423 886495 or email or visit us on

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