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The only way is up at Onduline

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Onduline bituminous corrugated roofing materials

Onduline is the undisputed leader in manufacturing bituminous corrugated roofing materials, claiming 95 per cent of global production in bitumen sheets.

Its lightweight, eco-friendly roofing system is used worldwide for agricultural, industrial, leisure and DIY applications.

A key selling point of the Onduline roofing system is that it is made from 50 to 60 per cent of recycled materials and boasts one of the best carbon footprints in the industry compared to other roofing products.

The range of bituminous corrugated roof sheets, tiles and roof shingles are extremely versatile in application. The ISOLINE range of underlay systems is a sustainable ‘roof beneath a roof’ that is designed to be used under clay, slate or concrete tiles. It is engineered to be 100 per cent leak-free for new buildings and renovations.

Providing durable waterproofing with a 30-year guarantee, it is perfect for projects requiring very low pitches. This can be as low as 12.5° for interlocking concrete tiles, 17.5° for clay pantiles, natural and fibre cement slates, and 22.5° for plain double-lap tile. It is also BBA-accredited.

The light weight of the bituminous corrugated underlay sheeting makes it easy to carry, handle and fix, and the non-slippery sheets are simple for roofing contractors to cut.

ISOLINE adapts to each roof structure, and the fast weatherproofing and installation saves contractors time and peace of mind on job sites.

For more information on Onduline’s lightweight and durable roofing solutions for a range of commercial, industrial and residential projects, please visit

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