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St Pancras Way

2 mins

A long-standing leak was solved with the use of Langley’s liquid roofing system and the painstaking workmanship of Skyler Contracting Ltd.

langley st pancras completed roof

Wind-driven rain had caused leaks through original aluminium profiled flat roof of this residential building for many years so that it needed to be repaired on a regular basis. After carrying out a full condition survey Langley presented the building owner with a bespoke design solution based on a Langley Liquid Roofing System.

langley st pancras completed drainag channel

Project Management

The contractor worked closely with the tenants to ensure that works were scheduled so as not to disrupt their daily activities. An additional challenge on site was the persistent presence of pigeons. Their droppings had to be removed every single day before work commenced to avoid contamination of the liquid system which would affect its adhesion capability.

At a glance:

  • Project: St Pancras Way
  • Client: One Housing Group
  • Contractor: Skyler Contracting Ltd
  • Size: 900 m²
  • Roof type: Liquid
  • Manufacturer: Langley Roofing Systems


The original shape of the roof made this a complex installation as every standing seam needed to be installed with the GFM embedment fleece to counter the effects of movement in the building. This was a time-consuming operation and required accuracy and precision by Skyler Contacting Ltd operatives. Additional challenges on this project included the requirement for intricate detailing to the kerbs and upstands.


Approved contractor, Skyler Contracting Ltd carried out a painstaking and expert installation following remedial works by the main contractor. All the gutters, upstands and kerbs were lined separately with WBP plywood and Paratene Self-Adhesive Carrier Membrane, before the Paracoat liquid system was applied.

Each section of embedment fleece had to be individually cut to size and each section individually dressed with the fleece which was an unusual challenge and exceptionally time-consuming.  Langley’s liquid system was then installed to encapsulate the roof. Skyler’s installers completed this task to such a high standard that the complexity of this build-up is not immediately evident.

About Langley Roofing Systems

Langley is a UK based leader in waterproofing and roofing systems, working closely with clients in various sectors including housing, education and commercial.

About Skyler Contracting

Skyler Contracting Ltd offer a complete range of flat roofing, pitched roofing and waterproofing services. We aim to provide our clients with a wide variety of systems to match their performance and budgetary requirements.

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