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Meet the new generation, solar-powered roof hatch from Surespan

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With over 35 years of expert industry knowledge, SURESPAN is a pioneer in developing innovative roof access solutions that are simple to install, cost-effective and readily available.

Surespan Solar Roof Access Hatch with remote control moduleThe new solar panel access hatch is a thermally broken and fully-insulated roof hatch fitted with a solar panels and electric actuator for out-of-the-box, wireless operation. It is installed with fully recyclable, non-combustible mineral wool insulation to further enhance Surespan’s green credentials. Mineral wool is a fully naturally-derived alternative to the likes of polyisocyanurate insulation.

The semi-flexible ETFE solar panel adheres to the lid of the roof hatch and a cable runs within the upstand connected to a battery pack and small control module allowing remote control, eliminating the need for an electrician.

Research and development are key driving forces for Surespan, ensuring products stay relevant in the ever-changing building landscape, from increasing thermal performance to improving the air permeability of its roof hatches.

Installed Surespan solar panel access hatch

“By working with Surespan, rest assured that together we are doing everything we can to positively impact the world around us.

“Our manufacturing happens right here in the UK. One small choice to purchase responsibly can have a massive impact on the surrounding environment with similar manufacturers often shipping their hatches from as far as Mexico and America.

“Choose Surespan for a greener, more sustainable future.”

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Surespan solar panel access hatch installed on rooftop

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