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Site Master App

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Having recently joined NFRC, Site Master App is available to assist NFRC members with their digital transformation.

Its products have been carefully designed to help contractors in digitalising and automating all their health and safety, project management, reporting, audit trail, timesheets/CIS invoicing, employee records, document libraries and so much more.

With the Building Safety Act 2022 and the Golden Thread of Information Management fast approaching, customers can be assured that Site Master App has their businesses covered. It gives talks on the Building Safety Act and has been part of many Q&A sessions as experts in the field, allowing it to become a trusted digital partner in the sector.

Hands holding mobile phone using Sitemaster app
Image depicting digitalising the contruction sector

Technology is no longer viewed as a luxury item in construction; it has now become a legal requirement (where appropriate) to keep digital records for design, installation and maintenance of every product. Such items as ‘Installer Competency’, etc , must also be held digitally, and these records kept for 30 years.

This law comes into effect for higher risk buildings in 2023 and every building project, no matter the size, is expected to follow shortly after.

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