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Roofscape win Rainscreen Façades award

2 mins
Winner logo of NFRC UK Roofing Awards 2023


Contractor: Roofscape Ltd

Project: National Train Control Centre, Dublin

Manufacturer: Ash & Lacy

Award sponsor:Siderise logo


At an initial glance, this five-storey building may appear simple, yet this project was anything but, involving the use of numerous different sized and coloured fibre cement and aluminium rainscreen systems, and bringing the façade together seamlessly whilst sitting on numerous planes and projections.

The Ash and Lacy aluminium panels for the rainscreen system each needed to be drawn and dimensioned individually to be installed in a specific location on the building. The installation crew were fed drawings and information digitally, and any queries that arose were addressed with the design team in real time via Teams, with solutions to any installation problems agreed to ensure that both time schedules and quality of workmanship were preserved, all within a constricted site that lay within a live operating train station.

Roofscape win Rainscreen Façades award

Roofscape Ltd

Winners of the Rainscreen Façades award collecting their trophy from Richard Vidler of sponsor Siderise at the UK Roofing Awards in London on 12 May 2023.

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