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Roofing technologies combined to reduce building’s carbon impact

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Roofing contractor: ICS Ltd

Manufacturer: Danosa

Project: VEGA CONTROLS, Ashdown Business Park

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ICS LTD’s roofing work on the new headquarters for a global manufacturer combined multiple features that reduced the building’s carbon impact, and exhibited a strong focus on quality assurance throughout the project.

ICS utilised a sedum green roof, not only naturally slowing the flow rate of rainwater from roof level to ground level but also encouraging local wildlife and insects, benefitting the area’s natural environment.

A self-ballasted PV solar system was also installed to provide additional green electricity. DANOPREN TR XPS 300 Grade Insulation was installed for its superior compressive strengths, due the terrace area and plant being installed on top of the insulation.

The project also benefited from a strong focus on quality workmanship: 100 per cent of operatives working on the installation held approved installer cards for the hot melt system, obtained by attending and passing the in-house training school of the manufacturer, ensuring there was sufficient knowledge and competency on-site. Furthermore, Regular Quality Assurance (QA) site inspections were carried out by the manufacturer’s field technicians, who were able to provide additional onsite advice and guidance to the installation team when they were dealing with the roof’s more complex details.

The judges were particularly impressed with how different technologies were incorporated to reduce the overall carbon impact of the building.

VEGA CONTROLS Ashdown Business Park

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