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Rethink Your Insurance by Going the Extra Mile

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Ensuring members only pay for insurance cover worth having and which is reflective of their true exposure is the day-to-day remit of the insurance broker. At McCARRON COATES we have niche experience in roofing, cladding and access sectors, to the advantage of clients UK-wide.

Many businesses have inadequate cover and misunderstand insurance, and are unaware that claims could be refused because policy wordings exclude key areas. Identifying such issues is the role of highly experienced construction specialist, Luigi Maggio whose knowledge enables him to react quickly to lack of cover or onerous conditions in policies. 

Luigi is driving forward a hugely respected and multi-award-winning brokerage, with a professional approach adding enormous value for clients, pinpointing areas of risk management they can improve, to reduce premiums and enhance legal compliance. McCarron Coates always ensure insurance coverage is comprehensive, valid and accurately priced. 

All claims are handled in-house with a great experience and knowledge available including physical representation in the event of a claim, which encourages swift insurer settlements and sees a proactive identification of trends potentially causing issues.

Question whether your insurance is really doing the right job for you and if the premium reflects the true risk. Conduct a strategic policy review and question the status quo by understanding how you achieve the best result and how your risk is best represented to the market.

Please contact Luigi on or call 07970 910961.

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