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Planning pays off at Cwm Mawr

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Cwm Mawr artist impression

Architect Kinver Kreations, Flex-R—the UK’s largest supplier of EPDM—and roofing contractors Randell & Janes Roofing have worked together to deliver Cwm Mawr, a unique three-bedroom home within the Welsh National Park.

The contemporary home has been designed with a large, 520 m2 curved roof covered with a green roof allowing it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding hillside. Flex-R specified RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM, a flexible membrane that works with the changing direction of the roof. It has also been BBA-certified as a membrane suitable for green roofs.

Randell & Janes Roofing first installed a fully-bonded AVCL to the ply deck, providing a temporary waterproofing solution while the roofing work continued. The installers preferred working with the 45 m2 rolls of RubberBond FleeceBack, some of the largest membranes on the market, which can cover sizeable sections of the roof with fewer seams.

Randell & Janes Roofing then split the roof into four areas, waterproofing 3 m sections at a time by applying a glass tissue-faced PIR, spray-applied polyurethane adhesive before installing the membrane.

The contractors then created night seals to protect the completed works and prevent the insulation from becoming wet.

Kinver Kreations said: “The experience of Randell & Janes Roofing, their extensive knowledge of the product and the support from Flex-R made every stage of the project so easy for us.

Through collaboration, we’ve achieved an excellent result for the client that looks stunning in this setting.”

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Cwm Mawr artist impression

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