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Permavent’s apex membrane and easy roof system chosen for challenging re-roofing project

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PERMAVENT has been called into action for an ambitious renovation project of a Grade II listed building in Bridgend, Wales.

The project, which was appointed to DEP Architects, was a technically-complex project to complete. Permavent was called in to offer technical and installation guidance on a project which had several critical considerations.

These included a number of varying pitch elevations across the property, the requirement to maintain an aesthetic continuity across the entire building, and even considerations for the safety and preservation of any bat nesting within the dwelling. All these factors were also monitored by Cadw Heritage.

Permavent Apex was specified for all main roof areas due to its unique air and vapour permeability. As a result, no additional ventilation was required, satisfying the aesthetic requirements for the roof.

Permavent Apex is available as a double-taped membrane, which offers savings of up to 25 per cent on material and installation costs because of its reduced wastage and quick installation. Apex also provides a significant improvement on traditional specification.

Permavent’s patented Easy Roof System addressed hurdles presented by the many challenging elevations on Westfield House.

The Easy Roof system allowed for the specified slate to be installed as low as twelve degrees, which meant that the house retained its traditional heritage roof appearance.

And as the complete Easy Roof system was installed as per Permavent’s recommendations, the installation was covered by Permavent’s comprehensive 40-year guarantee.

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