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ONDULINE Provides Ideal Solution for Supermarket Chain

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One of the leading principal contractors in the north of England successfully executed a critical roof refurbishment project for a prominent supermarket chain at its Batley store in west Yorkshire.

Faced with persistent leaks from aging bituminous felt and broken tiles affecting the 15,000 m2 roof, the contractor aimed to complete the project swiftly while ensuring uninterrupted store operations.

One of the key criteria of the project was ensuring the supermarket could operate as normal, so it was vitally important that we minimised noise, dust, and other disturbances that could potentially impact customer experience and employee productivity.”

To address this, the contractor selected ONDULINE’s ISOLINE® LOW LINE sub-roof system. Unlike traditional methods, ISOLINE allowed the retention of existing felt and baton, eliminating the need for store closures. The phased installation approach ensured protection from adverse weather overnight.


BRE-tested and BBA-accredited, ISOLINE® LOW LINE offers a 30-year guarantee and is designed for low-pitch roofs. Acting as the primary waterproofing layer, it facilitates a lower roof pitch than tile manufacturers recommend. Its corrugations enhance ventilation and moisture control, making it a practical solution. The contractor praised the system’s instrumental role in overcoming challenges, citing the innovative design and support from Onduline’s Technical Team. 

The positive feedback from the supermarket underscored the success of the refurbishment, highlighting adherence to timelines, methodology, and the crucial aspect of maintaining store functionality. The ISOLINE® LOW LINE system’s success now serves as a blueprint for future projects with similar requirements.

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