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Onduline has it covered with new roofing membrane range

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Onduline Ondutiss Air

ONDULINE, the lightweight roofing systems specialist, has added a ‘new and improved’ range of waterproof highly-vapour-permeable membranes to its construction portfolio, further extending its growing presence in the ‘Pro Builder’ market.

The BBA-certificated ONDUTISS AIR membranes have a high technical specification, including advanced levels of tensile strength, tear-resistance and ductility, and are available in four different grades: 100 gms, 120 gms, 140 gms and 160 gms.

Ardit Strica, Technical Manager for Onduline Building Products, said the upgraded range had been specifically created to meet the requirements of the construction sector.

Membranes may not be something you would typically get excited about, but the technical strengths of this suite of products give us confidence enough to say they are truly market-leading,” he said.

Among their other advantages, their tensile strength, tear-resistance and ability to stretch before breaking compare extremely favourably when measured against similar products on the market. The last thing a roofing contractor wants is a frustrating rip when they are building up the roof, which will not only compromise the waterproofing but will also lose valuable time and ultimately cost money. The focus is very often on the grammage of a membrane, which is important, but it is the technical qualities that set the range apart. We are delighted to be bringing this range to the professional construction sector, and expect to be introducing further product innovation in the near future.

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Ardit Strica, Technical Manager for Onduline Building Products
Ardit Strica, Technical Manager for Onduline Building Products

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