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Matt Timby win Leadwork award

2 mins
Winner logo of NFRC UK Roofing Awards 2023


Contractor: Matt Timby Ltd

Project: Somerton Castle NE Tower

Award sponsor:Radmat Building Products


SOMERTON CASTLE was built in 1281, and was soon after gifted to Edward II, but the history of the site goes back to Roman times.

The site had fallen into disrepair over the years and had been placed on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register. The leadwork on the tower was completed in three phases, the first being the gutters, which were no more than 400 mm wide and deep sided, with the lowest point being around 1.3 m below the main roof, and with an abutment on the outer edge with some of the code 8 rolls weighing 130 kg each. The gutter included two sandcast sumps. The second phase saw the addition of the code 6 lead to the internal ring wall which carried the main roof. Following this, the main roof covering was installed, consisting of 70 tapered bays using code 6 lead and two oversized bays of code 7 because of the irregular shape of the tower roof.

Matt Timby win Leadwork award

Matt Timby Ltd

Winners of the Leadwork award collecting their trophy from Jake Watkins of sponsor Radmat at the UK Roofing Awards in London on 12 May 2023.

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