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Low pitch roofing is tops for extensions

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Isoline Ondulite underlay sheets
ISOLINE ONDUTILE sheets are made of a minimum 50 per cent recycled cellulose fibres, contain no asbestos and have BBA certification.

Low pitch roofing systems could be the ‘go to’ solution for roofing contractors this summer, following a relaxation in planning regulations that has made it simpler for homeowners to add an extension.

The ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay system, from Onduline Building Products, is perfect for projects requiring very low pitches, which can be as low as 12.5° for interlocking concrete tiles, 17.5° for clay pantiles, natural and fibre cement slates, and 22.5° for plain double-lap tiles.

ISOLINE ONDUTILE is a sustainable ‘roof beneath a roof’ that is engineered to be 100 per cent leak-free for new buildings and renovations, providing durable waterproofing with a 30-year guarantee.

One of the major benefits of a low pitch roof is that it will maintain, and even add to, the aesthetic appeal of the property. This is because the same style of tile that is on the main roof can be used on the extension, providing a perfect match.

It will help the contractor and their client to meet a key stipulation of the new rules governing permitted development, which is that building materials must be similar to those that were used for the existing property.

The lower pitch also means the habitable space within can be maximised, when compared to the steeper slope of a traditional pitch roof.

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