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Keeping safe this winter with Marley

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Marley winter safety campaign

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MARLEY’S ‘Winter Safety’ campaign provides professional roofers with advice and support on how to stay safe on-site when faced with difficult working conditions throughout the colder winter months.

Key points to stay safe and healthy are as follows:

Watch the weather

Make sure that the weather forecast is monitored on a daily basis so that any poor weather is anticipated and action is taken. Working at height platforms and roofs should be regularly checked for ice—if present, work should cease immediately as per the Working at Height Regulations 2005.

Keep the heat in

Lower temperatures mean that additional clothing is essential. Rapid heat loss or reduction in body temperature over time can lead to serious illness.

Wear at least three layers of clothing—a base layer, a middle, breathable layer to help insulate and a good wind/waterproof outer layer that fits well and gives good elemental protection.

Take in hot food and drinks throughout the day to help keep the body’s core temperature at a healthy level.

Avoid slips, trip and falls

Ice formation presents a major slipping hazard, especially at height. Such areas need to be treated to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Clear icy patches with salt or sand when and where needed, and wear sturdy footwear with warm thick socks for added protection.

For further details, please visit or call 01283 722222.

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