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Kee Safety ramps up its safe access solutions

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Kee Safety, a global supplier of fall protection equipment and safety railing systems, has expanded its range of safe access solutions for roof top walkways and stepovers with the introduction of Kee Walk® with Guardrail.

Kee Safety keewalk with guardrail
Designed to provide a level, anti-slip walking surface on standing seam, composite panels and metal roofing, Kee Walk® with Guardrail can be adapted to a wide range of roof surfaces, slopes, steps, traverses and pitches up to 35⁰. Its modular design means that it can be mounted to the roof without the need for on-site assembly, bespoke brackets or fabrication. The guardrail, constructed from 48.3 mm tubes and Kee Klamp® corrosion resistant fittings, is fixed directly to one or both sides of the walkway subframe, reducing possible roof leaks caused by having too many fixings into the roof. The walkway is available as standard in nylon or aluminium trends and supplied in pre-assembled 1.5 m or 3 m sections to suit the requirements of different roofs. Kee Walk® with Guardrail can be used in conjunction with Kee Safety stepover platforms to provide safe access across roof mounted pipework, low level walls and other plant equipment. It is CE approved and compliant with EN 516:2006 (Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing—Installations for roof access—Walkways, treads and steps).

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