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Innovative roof blends into natural landscape and aids water management

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Roofing contractor: Cawston Specialist Roofing Ltd

Manufacturer: ABG Geosynthetics

Project: Leeds Skelton Lake Motorway Services

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Part of the ‘landscape mitigation and green space strategy’ for the LEEDS SKELTON LAKE MOTORWAY SERVICES, this project delivered a ‘new concept’ building design that closely reflects the surrounding landscape and minimises the negative impact on a naturally-beautiful area.

The services, at Junction 35 on the M1, are located adjacent to Skelton Lake, a 40,000 sq m area of ecologically diverse country park, two miles southeast of Leeds city centre.

The living roof and timber eaves echo the nearby woodland and lakeside habitat, and the main amenity building features an oversailing, undulating green roof, configured in an eleven part ‘ribbon’ pattern, which further minimises the visual impact on the landscape and local wildlife, giving the illusion of rolling hills.

The green roof plays an important part in the site’s overall sustainable drainage strategy, absorbing rainwater and minimising surface water runoff. The stunning visual effect of the roofline, along with this ability to reduce runoff, really stood out to the judging panel.

Leeds Skelton Lake motorway services

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