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Impressive use of traditional materials and workmanship

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Roofing contractor: Roles Broderick Roofing Limited

Project: Cliff Tops

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ROLES BRODERICK ROOFING LIMITED were enlisted to work on this bespoke luxury hotel along the cliff line in Portland. The hotel is designed with the intention to have a minimal impact on the landscape; its single-storey buildings are built with local stone and natural materials, all to weather and blend with the immediate surroundings.

The cladding works consisted of mill finish Aurubis copper including the fascia, soffit and capping elements, where a combination of 0.7 mm and 1 mm thick was used. Being only single storey, the work was at eye level, so the utmost care was required in the installation to ensure optimum aesthetics. All the works were also completed using traditional techniques and tools.

This was a fantastic way of showcasing traditional materials and workmanship on a contemporary building with striking results.

Cliff Tops

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