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Fire-damaged dome painstakingly restored by individual craftmanship

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NFRC UK Roofing Awards 2020 Winner

Award Category

Fully-supported metal


Full Metal Jacket Ltd


Ludgate House

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Radmat Building Products

When this 130-year-old roof was damaged in a fire, FULL METAL JACKET were appointed to replace the timber substrate and recover this prestigious dome in Aurubis 0.6 soft traditional bright copper.

Many challenges had to be overcome, not least the dome as it had three-barrel vault
dormers with ornate scrolls at each cheek. The original roof was installed in 1890, and ways had to be found to replicate the design.

As the three cherub gold ornaments at the top of the dome were missing eyes and noses, they also had to be carefully restored before being prepared, primed and coated in gold leaf.

The design of the roof meant the work all had to be formed and installed by hand, with each panel being made individually. The circular dormers and in particular, the forming of the scrolls were first formed on a mock-up and then replicated on the actual dormer. Each dormer was not exact in size, so each one had to be made individually.

As the project was located within central London, a full-time Site Manager co-ordinated the works which had to be carried out at the weekend.

Full Metal Jacket Ludgate House

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