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Drone Roof Inspections—when to use them

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There is no substitution for carrying out a full roof condition survey, but it is not always practical to do so. When access to a roof is unsafe, using a drone can provide a cost-effective, quick, and safe means of carrying out an inspection.

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There are several benefits to carrying out roof inspections via drone. Primarily, drone surveys provide a safe means of viewing inaccessible or fragile roofs. They are also significantly cheaper and quicker than traditional methods, such as erecting scaffolding or using MEWPs.

Drones will provide high-definition photographs and 4K videos of the roof and clear close ups of any defects. The footage can also be monitored on the ground on a remote screen held by the drone operator, so you can ensure that everyone is getting exactly the images that they require. These photographs and videos can be used for both roof inspections and for showcasing completed roofs on your website or social media.

Of course, drones are not perfect, and they cannot replace full roof condition surveys. It is not possible to carry out physical tests on the roof via drone, such as electronic integrity testing, taking core samples or probing laps.

Roof Tests & Surveys Ltd is both an NFRC-approved supplier, and a CAA-approved drone operator. This sets them apart from most drone operators as they are capable of either simply providing photographs and videos, or also providing a comprehensive report to accompany them.

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drone view of roof
drone view of roof

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