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Dedicated mental health advocate and organiser wins NFRC individual health and safety award

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Individual Health and Safety Award

Ian Pickard award winner

Ian’s meaningful work both in the immediate workplace and outside of it means that this award, for an individual making a strong positive impact in Health and Safety, is very well-deserved.

Ian has worked for Clarke Roofing for many years and as the company has grown, Ian has more than stepped up to meet the challenge of managing the health and safety demands that have been put upon all SME businesses.

Along the way Ian continued in his own professional development which has enabled him to use that knowledge to improve many aspects within Clarke Roofing. He has held responsibility not only for health and safety policies and procedures of the company, but also sourcing environmental and health and safety training for both managers and operatives, during which Ian’s understanding of people and the stresses involved both at home and the workplace have stood out.

Over the last 18 months, as well as implementing safe working procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Ian personally interviewed all operatives on a completely confidential basis, checking on their wellbeing and mental health.

Ian has played a very large part in setting up two initiatives locally, outside of work. One of these is Mankind—an online Zoom meeting every Wednesday evening with fellow trustees—to help men suffering from stress or mental health problems, regularly attracting over 20 men a week.

The second mental health initiative is SWAG (Sussex Wellness Action Group), set up to break down the stigma of mental health, and help pool Mental Health First Aiders from four large contractors on the South Coast. There are now well over 45 companies, local authorities and many individuals backing this initiative, a massive credit to Ian and all concerned.

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