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Contractor battled weather, asbestos and worked on a live plant to earn their win

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Roofing contractor: Ronald G Graham Roofing and
Building Limited

Project: Benriach Distillery

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BENRIACH DISTILLERY is a bonded warehouse based in close proximity to Edinburgh Airport. Ronald G Graham Roofing and Building Limited met the challenge to work whilst ensuring there was no disruption to production, on a project involving the removal of Chrysotile asbestos cement sheets from a live bottling plant.

The roof was in an extremely-poor condition as the Chrysotile sheets were fragile and at risk of blowing off from wind. To facilitate safe removal a purpose-built containment tent was erected at roof level. Once the sheets had been removed a new non-combustible twin-skin cladding system was installed including new membrane-lined valley gutters and a new trim line external gutter system.

Over 6000 m of scaffolding was also erected inside the bottling hall.

This project is an excellent example of a twin-skin cladding system breathing new life into an aging distillery for years to come.

Benriach Distillery

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