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Cold Melt®—a different kind of waterproof membrane

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Cold Melt roof membrane

There has never been a waterproofing membrane that delivers like Cold Melt®.

If not the greenest system of its kind, it is certainly in the running, meeting and frequently exceeding every health and safety requirement, and offering proven and significant cost savings on site.

Therefore is not surprising to find that it is making quite an impact—effectively opening up an entirely new sector within the UK waterproofing market.

As the name suggests, it is cold-applied, meaning there is no risk of fire. It provides an elastomeric seamless finish, making it attractive to contractors and specifiers for a wide range of different roofing projects.

And it is a winner, particularly in crowded urban locations, due to its low odour qualities and rapid installation.

Cold Melt®, exclusively available from Proteus Waterproofing, breaks many of the recognised rules. It is a two-layer system, and the first can be installed over green concrete after just three days, instead of the usual 28, allowing other trades to be started on the roof and inside the building, confident that the structure has been completely waterproofed.

The final top layer can be and is frequently added after a delay of several weeks. Being able to waterproof green concrete after just three days has been widely welcomed by the construction industry, particularly main contractors who face constant pressure to deliver on time and maintain margins.

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