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Church’s unique circular turret required complete overhaul

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Roofing contractor: Premier Roofing & Construction

Manufacturer: Langley Waterproofing Systems

Project: Church of the English Martyrs

Award sponsor:

This project saw the refurbishment of an eleven metre tall copper Veral roof which was delaminating and allowing water into the 1970s church. The church features an unusual circular timber portal frame turret roof, creating a structure that varies in pitch as it rises. The roof also included several windows at high level.

The most cost-effective solution was deemed to be to replace the existing copper-faced RBM with like-for-like. This would guarantee continuity of roofing build-up and offer a good saving to the diocese who had considered changing to a full copper specification.

Scaffolding and crawl boards were utilised to protect the new membrane as it was completed. The new waterproofing also had to be detailed around 24 new window units around the base of the top turret.

Good planning and a thorough roof condition survey in advance avoided any unusual or unexpected challenges, and the communications between manufacturer and contractor has ensured a visually-stunning project.

Church of the English Martyrs

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