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Breedon Generon Tiles—Panel-Free Solar Power

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BREEDON Tiles has partnered with Terran Ltd, a leading European roof tile manufacturer, to offer the UK market a solar tile roof system rather than a solar system.

A third-generation family business based in Hungary, Terran has been at the forefront of roofing product innovation since 1920, and over the past five years has successfully developed and commercialized the Generon roof tile in Eastern Europe.

Generon is manufactured in a fully-automated, world-class clean room facility in Pecs, Hungary. Working in collaboration, both parties have developed a solar roof tile that can be fully integrated with a thin edge concrete roof tile, and in accordance with UK building regulations and product performance standards.

aerial view of home with solar tile roof system

The Generon design is centered around three key fundamentals: aesthetics, safety, and durability. With the 4 mm solar PV surface securely attached to a base concrete roof tile, Generon roof tiles are laid in sequence with matching non-PV roof tiles.

Interconnecting cables link the Generon tiles to create an overall solar output based on the number of tiles fitted. Typically, 260 tiles are required to generate a 4 KW PV system, which is the benchmark for family homes.

image shows home with solar tile roof system


Once fitted, the Generon system then simply connects to the remaining PV infrastructure to generate safe, reliable, and renewable energy for your home. This combination delivers a seamlessly integrated solar roof, without any aesthetic compromise for the homeowner. No specialist contractors are required to install this ground-breaking system any roofing contractor after basic training would be able to install.

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