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At last—an alternative to sending asbestos to landfill!

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Thermal recycling plant

Thermal Recycling’s new demonstration plant in Wolverhampton provides an opportunity to offer your clients a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to landfill.

The plant has an Environmental Agency permit and has completed all pre-operational tests to prove that it can convert cement-bonded asbestos-containing chrysotile into an entirely new substance that does not contain asbestos.

The new material can be used, safely, as an aggregate. It is the first plant in the world capable of doing this on an industrial scale.

Tests on samples from over 1,800 roof sheets containing asbestos have been carried out in a certified laboratory, and no asbestos was detected in any sample. A member of the Royal Society of Chemistry has analysed the treated material using X Ray Diffraction and X Ray Fluorescence, and has concluded that the treated material is no more hazardous than the cement from which it came.

Thermal Recycling is now in a position to accept consignments from roofing contractors. It is offering the opportunity to become an authorised supplier to contractors after they have used the facility and have agreed to its acceptance criteria.

To encourage usage it will also offer members of NFRC an introductory discount.

For more information on becoming an authorised supplier or a quotation, please visit

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