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Addlite launches new installer programme

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Addlite approved installer

In today’s fast-paced world, supporting the B2B market with ideal building product solutions can help save businesses significant time and money.

Leading UK suppliers of natural light solutions ADDLITE are pleased to announce the launch of their approved installer programme, designed to offer roofing contractors and installers a one-stop, convenient location to source a variety of rooflight systems, all competitively priced with quick turnarounds.

Mr Rob Fletcher Director comments, “Addlite understands the value of working alongside roofing installers from a customer and contractor point of view. The end users need to have confidence in their roofing installation and the contractors need to know the products they are installing are quality, products that meet all the required performance and safety criteria. Our overall aim with this installer programme is to raise awareness of the latest building regulations, compliance, and best practices for installing roofing and daylight products and improving business efficiencies all round.

By becoming an Addlite Approved Installer you will gain access to priority technical support, live and virtual training events, access to ‘how to’ videos, special discounts, and incentives.
Sign up today and allow us to support you in your business growth.

The Addlite website is a convenient and easily accessible platform that allows users to view the full range of roof light solutions, designed to suit their project. The site features products from COXDOME, Brett Martin, Roofglaze and not to mention the stunning roof lantern and bi-fold door range from Korniche.

The Addlite Approved Installer programme is an exciting platform for many installers to get involved with. To find out more or to become involved fvisit or contact us at / 01922 714091.

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